Well, Phase 2 of registration for the convention concluded this weekend. Plans continue apace. Hopefully, Kalpesh (my “ladykiller” nephew) has registered by now, otherwise he’ll have to pay an extra $25.

I’ve restarted downloading lots of TV with BitTorrent. However, I’m downloading two things in particular: the first 4 seasons of Jackie Chan adventures (one of the best cartoons to come out in the last 10 years, period), and the remaining episodes of the “Return to Battle City” arc of Yu-Gi-Oh, including episodes not yet shown on American TV. Yes, that’s the TV show where people play with those monster cards. No, I don’t actually own or play with the cards myself. I just find the show fun to watch, if more than a little melodramatic. And no, I’m not ashamed of it. Not really, anyway.

I’ve also downloaded the entire collection of Tintin comics. This series is probably one of the most famous graphic novel series in the world, and they are a lot of fun to read. Think of Tintin as Indiana Jones, except he’s a reporter, he has a dog, and he doesn’t use weapons. He also has some funny friends. Try looking for them in your local bookstore. You can check out the official website here: http://www.tintin.be/


One Response to “4-May-2004”

  1. sirm Says:

    not you too with the anime…nooooo

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