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May 29, 2004

Best DVD Player ad ever.

Roshni and I finished putting together my desk last night. Right now, it’s sitting in the middle of the living room, like some sort of landmark. Later today, I’ll go about actually maneouvering it into the corner and putting my computer on it. But my apartment is getting closer to becoming a real place of residence. Cool.



May 28, 2004

Parents are arriving tomorrow. The desk definitely won’t be done by then, but I can always say I wanted to do it while they were here. They won’t buy it, but it’s worth a shot. ;I just hope all their luggage will fit in my car. Yeesh. Better make sure I fill up my tires today.

I saw the Alias and 24 season finales this week. Alias ended on an interesting note, but it was kinda obvious they were stretching for ideas on how to retain viewership for next season. I only hope that with the extended break (they won’t start the new season till Jan ’05), they’ll be able to recapture the magic of Seasons 1 and 2.

The 24 ending was surprisingly anti-climactic. Instead of the last-minute shock endings we saw in Seasons 1 and 2, this season ended with Jack, the protagonist, going to his car and breaking down. He just started crying in frustration at the day he’d just had. And who can blame him? And then, he gets a call from HQ, asking him to come in and help interrogate the henchmen of the main villain. So he went back to work. It was an interesting ending, to say the least. Personally, I hope they don’t bring the show back. It was great while it lasted, but I’m just afraid the gimmick will get tired if they go for Day 4. God knows I’ll still watch it, though.


May 27, 2004

So I discovered yesterday that AIM Express works at … work. I was surprised because when I had tried a few months ago, it couldn’t get through the firewall. I guess they updated the AIM program. So I was all happy about being able to chat with my friends. AIM Express is a little flaky, but it worked. Anyway, today, the guy I work with, Eric, saw me using IM. He said that he didn’t have a problem with it himself, but computer usage is monitored at work. They can see everything we’re doing, and he knew a couple of guys who’d been reprimanded for IMing at work. I decided that the ability to chat with friends wasn’t worth the risk, so no more IMing for me.

Today was an interesting day, trafficwise. (1) I was forced to jump a lane because Roshni was mistaken about what exit to take. The guy behind me was not happy, (2) I nearly rear-ended a Honda Accord (I felt my heart racing for the next 5 minutes), and (3) while waiting at a red light, the guy next to me (who had already stopped) decided that he wasn’t going to wait any longer, and with no hesitation at all, just drove on through the red light. And all this happened in the span of a half hour. sigh.

Currently Watching: The Battle over Citizen Kane


May 25, 2004

A quick blog today, since my sister is waiting for me at home. This weekend was fun. On Friday I went to a dinner for Jain professionals in SF to promote the convention, and happened to run into a friend from high school, back in Baroda! Well, he is finishing up his Master’s in USC, so it wasn’t AS shocking. Still, very Twilight Zone-ish.

On Saturday, Roshni (my sister) took me clothes shopping. She selected, I paid. It was a very equitable arrangement. We did the most damage to American Eagle and Aeropostale. I also got a nice black jacket from Armani Exchange (it was more than 50% off) and some new sneakers. All told, my credit card was hit for about $600. And then there was Saturday night. ;To those of you who want extra details, you’ll have to call/IM me. But I think it went well. Saw two movies, and chatted until 3:45 am.

Sunday, I drove Roshni to Sacramento to see her boyfriend. They started going out back in Baroda before she came here in 2001. He’s going to start attending the Academy of Arts in SF. Majoring in Special Effects in Motion Pictures and Television. Sounds interesting. He’s a nice enough fellow, though you won’t catch me telling her that! After lunch, they went to go see Van Helsing, and I stayed behind, chilling outside Borders. It was an absoutely GORGEOUS day. Not a trace of white in the sky, 70 degrees, and a light breeze. We left after dinner and ;got back home a little before midnight. It was the longest distance I had ever driven (150 miles), but we covered it in about 2 hours.


May 20, 2004

Work today is so mind-numbingly monotonous. It’s the kind of mindless coding that is the bane of any software designer. Absolutely no thought involved. Just endless amounts of copy, paste, and modify. Someone shoot me now. For the love of God, just shoot me.

Also, it turns out that my parents had to postpone their trip again. The change in government in India (I still can’t believe it!) is really causing chaos among businesses right now, especially foreign companies investing in India. Dad is kinda scrambling to make sure things don’t get FUBAR’ed with two new contracts he was hoping to get signed. Ugh…

On a brighter note, this weekend should be fun regardless. My sister, Roshni, is still coming for a week and a half, so she’ll be able to help me refresh my wardrobe. On Friday, the YJA ;gang is going to a dinner hosted by some YJP (Young Jain Professionals) peeps. We figure it’ll be a great way to sell the convention to the young professionals in the area. I probably won’t be able to go drinking with them since Roshni will be home, but that’s ok. I’m kinda used to my family arriving during YJA social events. ;On Saturday, I’ll prolly see Shrek 2 (previews look awesome) in a matinee show, then I’m going out for dinner and a movie that night. Fun times. Sunday, I have a YJA meeting, then Roshni and I will hit up Great Mall and go clothes happy. Hell, I might even buy her something. ;It’ll make up for me missing out on Friday night. Hehehe…


May 18, 2004

Ended up seeing Van Helsing on Saturday. Wasn’t a bad movie. 30 minutes too long, though. Special FX were good. So was the background score, especially one particular theme, which had some cool string ;work reminiscent of gypsy music. On that note, I read that the studios will be releasing a 9 CD (or was it 10 CDs?) collection of music from the LOTR movies, including the originally released scores and (obviously) music never before ;heard ;outside the film. That will probably be my first genuine musical purchase in over 5 years. Can’t wait.

I spent the bulk of the day yesterday playing a computer game, and I gotta tell ya, it felt great. ;From about 3-10 pm, with breaks for food. Good stuff all around. I’d tell you what I was actually playing, but knowing who reads this blog, I can think of only one person who might actually ;want to know, and I can always tell him online.


May 15, 2004

Going to see either Troy or Van Helsing today. Should be a fun afternoon. Tonight, I really need to start cleaning up my place. Parents are coming in on Friday, and mom will raise holy Hell if she sees the current state of my apartment. Gotta mitigate the damage as much as possible.

In other news, I got back the results of my blood test. It seems my cholesterol and blood sugar are all within normal levels. However, they did detect that I am not immune to Hepatitis B, so I should come in soon and get that taken care of. That will make 3 times in two weeks I’ve been stuck with a needle. All I gotta say is, it better not make me sick. I will be majorly pissed if it makes me sick. On the other hand, I’ll probably get the shot before my parents arrive, so mom can take care of me if anything happens.


May 13, 2004

Well, it’s been an eventful 24 hours, I tell you. Let’s go through in chronological order (this is NOT order of importance, as you will see)

I played Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, and it was a blast. I did notice the continuation of a personal trend though. Whenever I play a sport after a long time, and it can be any sport, I really suck for the first 5-10 minutes. After that, I make a good play or two, and then I suddenly become halfway decent. Not good enough to lead a team or anything, but enough that my teammates aren’t avoiding me anymore. Yesterday, I was awful for the first few minutes. I dropped simple catches, had bad defense, and my lungs were on fire. After about 10 minutes though, I suddenly started playing better. Pulled off a diving catch or two, made some good passes, had some good D, ;and a few of my plays actually led to scoring situations. And my lungs seemed to have recovered as well. Hehe… I played for over an ;hour, then went back home where I got the news…

I’M AN UNCLE! AGAIN!! My cousin’s wife ;in Houston gave birth to a beautiful girl early yesterday morning. How do I know she’s beautiful? Simple. Her older brother Ankit (7 now) was the cutest infant I had ever seen, and it should run in the genes. Besides, her name’s beautiful too. Aashna. It means ” Beloved; Devoted to love ;I can’t wait to see her.

Then we come to today. I gave blood for the very first time. Wasn’t able to play Ultimate as a result, but I figure the weight loss from donating blood should make up for it. ;The nurse did tell me that I had great iron levels, so that was good. Best of all, since this was for a blood drive supported by my company, I still get paid for the hour I gave blood. So I did a good deed AND I get money. Everyone wins!!


May 12, 2004

Returned Citizen Kane this morning, after watching it with both commentary tracks. And yes, it was worth it. You know how film critics are always claiming that this is one of the greatest films of all time? After hearing Roger Ebert’s (yes, the Thumbs Up/Down guy) DVD commentary, I can understand why. I was absolutely dumbfounded at how many revolutionary lighting techniques, camera tricks ;and visual effects were in that movie. ;That level of filmmaking sophistication ;would be remarkable today. In 1941, it was unprecedented. Orson Welles really was a genius to make a movie like that on such a tight budget, and make it look so grand. And to think, it was his first movie as an actor AND director. ;This really is a movie that shows us just a little, and lets our minds add the rest. I’d recommend watching the movie, and then watching it again with Ebert’s commentary. Good stuff.

And yes Sirm, Eternal Sunshine was a great movie. Sorry if I wasn’t enthusiastic enough. ;But I still believe Shrek 2 will be the best movie of the summer. Oh yeah…

BTW, I finally received my P.G.Wodehouse books today. 5 Omnibus volumes containing every Jeeves story ever written, both in short story and novel forms. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then go here: ; . And if you’ve never read Wodehouse before (shame on you!!), here’s a small sample of his work:

Oh Brancepeth, said the girl, her voice trembling, why havent you any money? If only you had the merest pittance — enough for a flat in Mayfair and a little weekend place in the country somewhere and a couple of good cars and a villa in the South of France and a bit of trout fishing on some decent river, I would risk all for love.


May 10, 2004

I finally saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on Friday night. That was definitely an interesting movie. Kinda heavy on the brain, but good fun regardless. Check it out. Also, last night I saw Gothika at Pintu’s place. That movie was ok. Kinda hokey, but good timepass.

Saturday night, the YJA crew (most of it, anyway) went out to a Thai restaurant in Palo Alto. That was fun times. You can see pictures here: . Sunday was an exceedingly lazy day (aside from Gothika), so that was definitely nice. It’s a pity it only comes once a week.