So Matlab COM Builder has decided to be a petulant little bitch, and refuses to cooperate. The Mathworks Technical Support line was of little help. I guess it’s up to me to smack some sense into it. Ugh…

Yesterday was an odd day. I had my first medical appointment with my new doctor. And yes, I wore one of those ass-showing gowns with laces at the neck. Fortunately, it wasn’t hospital green. It wasn’t flattering either. Anyway, she pronounced me healthy, but since my dad had bypass surgery at the age of 50, she recommended I get my sugar and cholesterol checked. I’ll get that taken care of on Monday. Then I find out that I may have gotten fleeced by my dentist, and that he may have (a) recommended a procedure that was unnecessary, and (2) overcharged me for said procedure. Another guy at ;work went to the same dentist, and the dude had tried to pull the same shit with him. ;The dental insurance company suggested I could get a second opinion from a specialist, and it would not count as my second exam in the year (and will also be fully covered), so I might just do that. Either way, it seems I’ll have to look for a new dentist in a few months. Yippee yay!

In another turn of events, the same dude at work who had the dentist experience is also looking for a place to live closer to work. I was looking up the phone number for my apartment complex, when I stumbled upon this:

Yes, that is where I live. I guess it wasn’t such a good deal after all. ;I wasn’t planning on living there for much more than a year anyway, but I think I might have to accelerate that process slightly.

Lastly, all my photos from my Cornell trip are finally up:


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