Well, I’m back from Ithaca. I’ll be giving y’all a full (more or less) update on my weekend, so I’ll probably have to split it into 2 entries. Can you feel the excitement?

Before I get started, I just wanted to say that it felt kinda weird going to the gym today and seeing Kristina’s empty cube. I guess I’ll have to get used to the fact that I will no longer see her goofy smile when I come to work out. I can only hope that her eventual replacement will be just as cute. After all, when you work in an engineering company (even one in California), eye candy can be hard to come by. ;Hehehe… just kidding, K.

One more thing. I just wanted to give my eternal thanks to Diksha and her hot roommates (one in particular ) for putting up with me for 3 nights. I tried to be on my best behaviour, but I suffer from terminal foot-in-mouth disease, and I tend to say stupid stuff without realising it. Off the top of my head, I can think of 2 ;occasions on the last day itself. So I just wanted to give Diksha and her roomies a blanket apology for anything stupid I might have said and/or done. It was never intentional.

Thursday : Was travelling from noon till 1:15 am, when I finally arrived in Collegetown. Diksha was at a party, so I dropped my stuff off at her place, then went to see Seema in the library. Went to Pita Pit and saw Kofi and Urvashi on the way. That was cool. We chatted for about 20 minutes, then I finally got some food and went back. Diksha ended up coming back around 3:30, I think. I also finally met Hersh, though he was a bit shy that first time. ;Apparently, Diksha had told him that if I didn’t approve of him, she would seriously reconsider being friends with him. I never knew I was so influential. ;After he left, Diksha and I chatted for a bit, then I slept at 4:30.

Friday: I paid off my remaining private loan from Cornell, as well as an outstanding NetPrint charge, so I no longer owe Cornell a single red (heh heh) cent!! I still have loans of course, but I now owe money to Citibank. Not to Cornell. That’s the key difference. ;I also sent off some glossy handcards for the YJA Convention to some YJA Board members in NYC and Boston. I bummed around for most of the day. Met Asmi, and saw some of the practices for the Sitara show. Diksha wanted to go out that night, so we (Diksha, Hersh, Rimi, I) went to Abhiram’s place. I had some alcohol, but the highlight of the evening was talking to my cousins in India, and trying to sell them on coming to the convention. Then I told mom that I had to go back inside and finish my drink. She wasn’t too thrilled, but she told me to have fun anyway. Hehehe… it’s a good thing I know firsthand how cool my parents can be. Anyway, Diksha decided to go meet a few more people afterwards, but I had had enough for the night, as had Rimi, so I escorted her home and went to sleep at around 2. A true party animal, I am.

The rest to follow tomorrow.


One Response to “27-Apr-2004”

  1. Diksha Says:

    you said nothing stupid…we were so glad to have you here 🙂 The welcome back sign is still on our door as a memory!

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