I got a haircut yesterday, finally. I told the guy, “I don’t care what you do. Cut it, shave it, gel it, spike it, style ;it, whatever. Just do something different instead of just cutting it short”. So he did. The problem is that with the hair I have, there’s not too much you can do that will look good and stay looking good. Anyway, as far as the haircut goes, it’s not totally radical, but I like it. I’ll post a pic of it soon. And now, back to my Ithaca trip:

Saturday: I spent all day at the dress rehearsal for the Sitara show. Mostly, it consisted of Ishani and I making fun of people on stage, and talking about how the show would suck. I finally got to see Agya, but alas, I would only get fleeting glimpses of her during the weekend since she was pretty busy. The day dragged on a bit, and I had the chance to ruminate a bit on what I was doing there. It sank in that I didn’t belong there anymore, at Cornell. About a year and a half ago, I was one of those people on stage, dancing and running around organising stuff. But now, I’m just a visitor. It’s no longer Us, it’s Me and Them. It felt kinda odd. The same can be said of my walk through campus on Friday. I knew where all the buildings were, but I no longer felt any attachment to any of them. Anyway, practice finally ended and Diksha drove us back home so she could change. Rimi was back from the first run of the Cornell Design League fashion show, and was telling us how she was wearing a pretty scandalous outfit, and she was pretty sure most of Cornell saw her butt. And to think, I went to the Sitara show instead. * sighs * Oh well…

We got back to the auditorium, and Ish, Sunil ;and I sat together for the bulk of the show. I screamed quite a bit during the dances (and songs) when my friends were on, but that was about it. Overall, the show was better than I thought it would be, but it wasn’t the best I’d seen. But the best part was yet to come. It seems that they had to cancel the Sitara afterparty. HAHAHA!!! They were going to hold it at a frat, but since they attached their name to it, Sitara had to pay Cornell liability insurance. Sitara has no money, so they have no party. I loved it when Akshay came out, said “We’re sorry to tell you that the AfterParty has been cancelled. Now Suchi and Zeenat will tell you about Sitara’s plans for next year.” ;Anyway, show ended. I tried to catch up with Agya, but she was still pretty busy, so I headed on home with Diksha. She was determined to go out and party, but I really didn’t feel like walking around Collegetown looking for crappy parties, so I declined. Saw Seema in Collegetown, before she ended up going to a house party later. Hehehe… Anyway, I got back home with some pizza, then went to sleep.

Sunday: Woke up and packed most of my stuff. Diksha had gotten back around 3:30, so she was kinda groggy in the morning. I left to find Abhishek, but I didn’t have his number, and he didn’t answer the door. Called Agya (actually called her several times that day) and left a voicemail, then called Seema. Turns out she had stayed at Smruti’s place in C’town, so I strolled over and we chatted for a few minutes while she lay in bed. It seems that people were quite amazed to see Seema at the party (she’s not the college partying type), and they especially loved her “coke-bottle” glasses. ;I left there at around 11:30, packed up the rest of my stuff at Diksha’s place, said goodbye to her and Rimi, and walked over to Collegetown Bagels. I was originally supposed to leave at 2pm, but Gautam wanted to see me in Syracuse, so I took the noon shuttle instead. He met me at the Syracuse airport with his friend, and we drove to a Mexican (kinda) restaurant where we had some food. The weather was pretty miserable, I gotta admit. We went back to the airport, and I found out that all flights ;in and out ;of Chicago were delayed by about 45 minutes. But on the whole, I was only 30 minutes late into San Jose, so it wasn’t too bad.

While I was sitting on the shuttle taking me to the parking lot, I started talking to this cute girl sitting next to me. She’d come in from Kansas City. When I asked what she had been doing there, she said she had been planning her wedding which was in 6 weeks. ;Sheesh…

Well, that was my trip. I took lots of photos on Saturday, and I’ll be posting them online soon, so look for that link.

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One Response to “27-Apr-2004”

  1. sirm Says:

    I’m glad that you had a good time…but you, like me have very little reason to go back to Ithaca again 🙂

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