Well, good luck with everything, Kristina. You’ve been a good trainer and a good friend, and you shall be missed. Especially by all the straight guys who visit the gym (including me ). Take care, and keep in touch. And let me know how things are going at the new job.

My flight leaves at around noon tomorrow, and I arrive at Cornell at around 12:30 am. I’ve usually been disappointed in the past whenever I’ve anticipated something good (except for skydiving ; ), so for the moment, I’m just looking forward to meeting my friends. The afterparty will probably “sack major cack sack” (thanks Sirm), but I’ll deal with it one last time. And the show should be amusing, especially with it being held in Ithaca High School. Hehehe… All I know is, I’m counting on Diksha especially to show me a good time, and she better not disappoint.


One Response to “21-Apr-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    Hear’s to hoping you’re having a kick ass time in Ithaca…

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