Well, I’ve been a bit tardy lately, so this will be a longish update. Gotta keep my (small) audience informed.

Friday (Apr 16th) was Mom’s birthday. Everyone wish her a Happy Belated Birthday. Other than that, I finally finished watching Gandhi. All I have to say is … Wow. The movie itself was powerful and moving and yada yada yada. But Ben Kingsley… wow. He didn’t just play the part of Gandhi. He became Gandhi. I can honestly say that it was probably the best acting performance I have EVER seen on film. Damn. Definitely worth the wait. I also saw an Agatha Christie (specifically Hercule Poirot) movie, The Mysterious Affair At Styles. I’ve always liked Agatha books, and David Suchet is great as Poirot, so good stuff.

Saturday, ;I went with some people from work to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s different from Vol. 1. VERY different. But it’s stil good. It has less violence, and they actually flesh out the remaining characters and their relationships. It was a lot less visceral than Vol.1, but deeper at the same time. I guess it’s a tradeoff. My favourite character was the Chinese Fighting Master, with the funky beard. He was pimp. Him and his Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. ;

Sunday was almost completely YJA. After meeting at Neha’s pad, I came home, rested for an hour, then spent over 5 hours staring at a computer screen. What was I doing? Simple. I was going to the websites for major colleges around the country, going to their student directories, and looking for people with specific last names. Why? Spam, baby. We’re gonna email them directly and tell them about the convention in an effort to make them register. Of course, the flip side is that my mailbox will probably be flooded with people complaining, but Samir seems to think that’s a price worth paying if we get even 50 people to register ;out of the 1500+ contacted. Thanks Samir. ;I’ll be continuing the process over the next couple of days. You know, sometimes I wonder why I get myself involved in these things. First SI at Cornell, then this. Obviously this is a rhetorical question, since I kinda know why I do it. I just wish I knew why I let myself do it. *sighs* All I know is, there better be some hotties coming to this thing. I think I deserve it by now.

Oh, and just to confirm… India won the final match on Thursday night by an innings and 131 runs. Thus, not only did we win the ;one-day series, but the test series as well. Along the way, we found what could be the beginnings of a formidable pace bowling combo in Balaji and Pathan. Along with a fit Zaheer and Nehra, things are looking quite promising for the next few years. ;

Last fall, I acted in a short(ish) movie that was played during the Society for India ;Diwali Show back at Cornell, and the directors should be emailing me the DVD of the movie soon. The movie was a spoof of MTv’s ;Real World, and I played the intelligent, ;naive FOB. Surprise surprise. ;Anyway, it seems that the movie might eventually be available for streaming off the web. Right now, only the opening credits have been made available, as a sort of preview. Check it out here . Just press Play under the black rectangle in the middle. It’s streaming, so the quality sucks, but it’s better than nothing.


2 Responses to “20-Apr-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    Must… see… Kill… Bill

    It looks soo freakin’ awesome! ;

  2. InkeeBug23 Says:

    Must… see… Kill… Bill

    It looks soo freakin’ awesome! ;

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