Well, I had my first appointment with my new dentist today. It was my first visit to a dentist’s office since … well, it’s been a long time. Too long, in fact. It seems there’s been quite a buildup of stuff between my teeth, to the point where they only had time to clean one side of my mouth. I’ll have to come back for the ;other side ;later. Then again, if I hadn’t had to wait for 30 ;minutes, ;they might have been able to get the whole thing done today. ;Anyway, ;he’s gonna see me a month after ;the cleaning ;and decide if I need to see a periodontist (a gums guy, if you’re wondering). Ugh. Then again, later he said not to worry too much, so I guess we’ll just see. He did suggest I buy an electrical toothbrush, and use that once a day and use the manual ;brush once a day. That should be fun.


2 Responses to “15-Apr-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    That sucks.. you must have one big smile if it takes two days to clean your mouth. Ok… that was corny but it was just bubbling in my head and I had to let it out. ; I haven’t been to the dentist in FOREVER; I = horrible person

  2. sirm Says:

    I too must see a dentist sometime soon…I hope for your sake that your teeth don’t fall out

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