*edit in response to Diksha’s comment below* My dear, I’ve been to 4 years of desi parties at Cornell, and they are NEVER fun. But you’re there, so I’ll go anyway. Just for you.
*end of edit*

I am now a week away from being on my way to (not so) sunny Ithaca. It should be loads of fun. Diksha assures me that at least her dance looks great, but having been in a couple of dances myself, we’ll just have to see. ;It will be nice to get out of the area, though. I mean, I like the Bay Area and all, but it’s good to get out of a rut, even if I am watching a lot of good TV and movies.

It occurs to me that I haven’t given y’all a cricket update in a while, and that is a crying shame because these past few days have been among the more historic in recent memory. Let’s go through in chronological order.:

Brian Lara, the man who epitomises the term “flawed genius”, reclaimed the record for highest individual test score and he did it in style, making an unprecedented 400 runs before declaring his side’s innings closed. 400 runs. To put this in perspective, test cricket has been played for about 127 years, and the 300 run mark has only been crossed 18 times before this. While this isn’t quite equivalent to the first 4-minute mile in terms of historic significance, it is a watershed moment in cricket history. I would try and put this in terms that American sports fans can appreciate, but I don’t think American sports has any equivalent. I guess all I can say is that this is one of those things that you know will happen someday, but you’re still amazed when it actually does happen.

In ;other news, India is well on its way to winning the test series in Pakistan. After bowling Pakistan out for a meager 224 on the first day, India then proceeded to put up a massive 600 runs all out. There were several good contributions, but none more important than Rahul Dravid’s watchful 270. I think it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he IS India’s best and most important batsman, and has been for a few years now. Sachin may get more glory and adulation, but he wishes he could be as consistently good as Dravid has been (Incidentally, Sachin only scored 1 run in this ;innings). ;At the end of the 3rd day’s play, Pakistan was reduced to 49/2. In other words, they need to score another 327 runs ;just to make India bat a second time, and they’ve already lost 2 out of 10 wickets. I think it’s safe to say that, barring a major catastrophe, this series will at least be drawn, if not end in an outright Indian victory. All I can say is, it’s about fecking time!!


2 Responses to “15-Apr-2004”

  1. Diksha Says:

    I do promise my dance looks good…either way, at least the after party should be fun.

  2. sirm Says:

    you’re right chiragra…the parties are never fun. unless you are so drunk that you don’t remember anything 🙂

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