My right wrist has been hurting me something fierce these past few days. It’s gotten to the point that just flexing it causes pain. I’ve been stretching it a lot this week, but methinks it’ll take a while to get better. Damn computers.

So, India won its first ever test in Pakistan. ;That makes me happy. After all the ;brouhaha caused by the pitch for the first test, I’m ;pretty sure they’re gonna ;put out a lawn in ;Lahore. ;Here’s to hoping the Indian batsmen can still fend off Akhtar and co. in ;bowler-friendly conditions.

So, Ishani and I were talking last night, and she mentioned that Apra Bhandari had her own website . I went over to said website, and I gotta tell you, it was amusing. Now, for those who don’t know her, Apra graduated Class of 2002 from Cornell, the same year as me. I knew her since I was involved with Society for India, and she was one of the head cheeses over in Sitara, the desi dance troupe. Anyway, I’d heard that after graduation, she had headed on over to India to try her luck in the showbiz world. Well, it seems she’s made her mark… sort of. Further investigation on the website by Ish and myself revealed that Apra has starred in a Telugu film called Shambhu , released last July. The link above is for a review of the film, and it seems that Apra has changed her name to Sarika.

Now, to be honest, I laughed when I first saw all this. But I later realized that this girl actually deserves some major props. She had a dream, and she went after it, no matter how implausible it might have seemed. So while I still find it amusing, I wish her the very best of luck. Lord knows, she’s got more ; huevos than most of us.

Here are another couple of funny links. First, this rather odd reworking of a Pepsi commercial , starring the Pakistani cricket team. It’s an 11MB movie file in Hindi, so be warned. Also, you probably don’t want to listen to this while your parents are in the room. Trust me. The second link is for an April Fool’s Day news story from yesterday. Most of you have heard of (or played) at least one of the Grand Theft Auto games. Anyway, here’s ;an article about an Indian version, set in Mumbai.

Lastly, some big news. I’ve booked my tickets, and I will be arriving in Ithaca on Thursday, Apr. 22 and will stay for the weekend, leaving on Sun, Apr 25. I woulda mentioned this yesterday, but I figured people would consider it an April 1 joke. ;More details on this to follow in the coming days.


One Response to “2-Apr-2004”

  1. jj43 Says:

    hey, surfed onto your site from the ;cornell 02 blogring, and wanted to say that i know apra from cornell (and long island) and wow, ican’t believe she has her own website and is trying to enter showbiz in india! so cool! =)

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