Well, Pakistan is trying to survive, but after India’s mammoth 675/5 declared, I think it’s safe to say that there are only two likely outcomes: a draw, or India’s first ever test win in Pakistan. In the meantime, the press is making a big deal about India declaring when Sachin was still on 194 not out, depriving him of the chance to score his 4th double century. While it was an admittedly puzzling decision, I wonder if the media would have complained as much if it had been Dravid who’d been called back instead. This may be the new Team India, but the worship of the individual continues. Ah well…

According to the guy I’m working with, I’m making pretty good progress on the project I’ve been assigned. He’s especially glad since, if I hadn’t come over, he’d have had to do it himself. ;Honestly though, part of me is kinda looking forward to going back to doing nothing at work. At least I’ll have more time to do YJA stuff, and I’ll actually be free when I get home.

But tonight is a good night. New episode of 24 is on, and I can’t wait to see how this storyline progresses. I personally don’t find the bioterrorism storyline as interesting as the first season’s assassination attempt, but the structure of the show overall is still as tight as ever. They’re doing a better job of making me want to care, which is commendable in and of itself. And Jack Bauer is still “Da Man”. Him, Jack Bristow (Alias) and Red Forman (That 70’s Show) are easily the best badasses on TV.


3 Responses to “31-Mar-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    Watch That 70’s Show tomorrow, dumbass

  2. InkeeBug23 Says:

    Watch That 70’s Show tomorrow, dumbass

  3. sirm Says:

    dude, you need to start reading more…instead of this religious TV watching…your brain is going to rot

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