Virender Sehwag has become the first Indian to score a triple century in test cricket. To put this in perspective, in the 127 year history of Test Cricket, only 16 other batsmen have scored over 300 runs in an innings, and only the great Don Bradman (think Michael Jordan, but even more dominating) has done it twice. Quite a feat, and about damn time. It was getting kinda embarassing, what with every other major team having achieved it.

Saw the new Alias last night, and I gotta say, I wasn’t really surprised by the “surprise twist” about 40 minutes in. I kinda felt it coming in the beginning of the episode. I guess the show is becoming predictable in its unpredictability.Still, it was good stuff. I’m just waiting for when they finally expose Lauren. That witch. Also, new 24 tomorrow. They’re gonna run through the last 9 episodes in a row, with no off weeks, so that should be a fun 2 months as well. I love that show. Jack Bauer is “da man”.


2 Responses to “30-Mar-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    I love That 70’s Show ! ; I didn’t used to watch it, but I watch the syndicated and new episodes all the time. ; It’s v. convenient that some of my favorite FOX shows are on the same night *70’s and The OC (I’m a sucker for prime-time drama)*. ; I also love Arrested Development, though it and the OC have been slipping a little bit lately. ; AD reminds me of the Royal Tennebaums = GREAT MOVIE! ; Ok… I’ve babbled enough.

  2. sirm Says:

    triple century huh…I’ve never even heard of this guy

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