Well, last night wasn’t bad. Went out with Eric, Andrew and Emily for dinner at an Italian restaurant that was overpriced, had a surprisingly small menu (no lasagna?), and was trying to be fancier than it was. I had Ravioli in some kind of lemon-flavoured cheese sauce. It was interesting, but not worth $13.95. Anyway, after that, we went to the Beer Club event at a sports bar in San Jose. It ended up being a dive bar, and not a very good one either. One of the bartenders (bartendress?) was cute, but there wasn’t much else of note. I did see quite a few members from my NEROP class. ;The main attraction was actually someone from work who was playing that night. He was soloing on a guitar and singing. Wasn’t bad, but it was one of those situations where I couldn’t make out a word of what he was singing, what with the acoustics in the place. Eh, it coulda been worse. I tried Sam Adams for the first time (I think), and ;it confirmed ;that I prefer liquor over beer.

Came in to work for a couple of hours today, to make up for some slack over the past week. I still gotta find out if I’ll be getting comp time or not, otherwise there’s no real point to coming in on my day off. ;Anyway, I’m doing some YJA work right now before I head over to the gym. Let’s see what plans I come up with for tonight.

Also, my watch band is close to bringing breaking, so I’ll be going to Sears today ;in the hope that they have a spare band to match my Timex. I mean, it’s a Timex !! They’re not exactly one of a kind timepieces. Sheesh…


One Response to “27-Mar-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    I was SUPPOSED to pick up for the my slacking last week… so much for that effort!

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