Well, it’s been an interesting day at work. Had my first staff meeting today. Nothing really relevant to me, but it gave me a chance to meet the other people in the group. What was funny was that, of the 8 people in the room, I was the only non-white person there. On top of that, Eric (the guy I’m working with) and I were the only ones under 40. Not that I’m surprised, since it’s the nature of the business. It was just funny… well, to me anyway. . I also spent some time chatting with this dude who’d been here since 1980 and how, when he was waiting for his clearance, they asked him to help out by doing inventory. He decided to just blitz through it as fast as he could, and was done in 6 weeks. Everyone else was so impressed by his efficiency (no one else wanted to do that stuff, so ;the task had ;been around for a year), that they asked him to sort another pile of stuff. Hehehe…

On a side note, I saw on the news today that Walmart is entering the online music business. They’re using a business model very similar to Apple’s iTunes, except they’re charging only 88c per song. 88c!! Good Lord, is there any business they won’t get into? Groceries, tires, Internet Service Provider, ;DVD rentals by mail. I am honestly waiting for the day they decide to open Walmart University and have it be a fully accredited university, with the same quality as any other national university, but costing $5 less in tuition. One funny point: in keeping with Walmart’s standards on “decency”, they won’t sell any music with offensive lyrics.

Tonight is the final match of the one day series, and I have a plan. As soon as I get home at 7pm, I’m going straight to sleep. I’ll wake up at 1am to watch the first half of the match. As soon as the first innings ends at 4:30am, I’ll take a shower and rush off to work and be there by 5:30am or so, right in time to watch the second innings. Plus, since I’ll have arrived at work so early, I’ll be able to leave early, so I can go home at about 5. Yay!!


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