Another day, another blog. I haven’t written in a couple of days, so this might be a longish one. Bear with me, I’ll try not to let it be boring.

Saturday was Great America Day. But, since I had a YJA meeting from 1-4, I had to leave after only 2 coasters. Fortunately, one of them was a rather thrilling ride called “Top Gun”. It was one of those coasters where your chairs are suspended above the ground, and your “car” hangs from the tracks. When I got off that thing, my legs were wobbly. Good fun all around. The YJA meeting itself was longer than I expected, ending at 5:30. I decided not to go back to Great America, and went home instead. Did YJA stuff till 11ish, then took a nap till 1am so I could see the cricket match. Then, as soon as I saw that Pakistan was batting first, I went back to sleep. Got solid REMs till 5am, then I was ready to see India chase down that total.

Pakistan had scored 294, a formidable but not insurmountable target, especially given the pyrotechnics from preceding matches. India made a fist of it too, smacking the bowlers around in the first 15 overs. They bowled faster, we hit them for more runs. Unfortunately, we were losing wickets as well. When we dropped to 94 / 4, I’d decided that we were going to lose, so I went back to sleep. Wrong move. I woke up in the morning around 9am, and I check my email to see that India won. ;Turns out that Dravid played a killer innings, forming partnerships first with Yuvi, then an unbeaten one with Kaif, and took us to victory with 5 overs to spare. And what was I doing? Sleeping! AAAHHH!!!

Moved to my new cubicle today, where I will stay for the next few weeks. Alas, I actually have to do work now. Unlike the Icebox where I was sitting earlier, this place actually feels like a place of business, what with the hundreds of cubicles and people around me. And according to Eric, the guy I’m working with, it’s a lot more like Office Space and Dilbert than I will ever know. Should be loads of fun. ;

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