I love Fridays. On the days I’m on, I can leave an hour earlier than usual. On the days I’m off… well, I’m off. Have I mentioned that 9/80 rocks?

BTW, I know most of the people reading this blog regularly (all 3 of you) know what 9/80 means, but for any potential newcomers, here’s a quick primer:

Normal Work Time: (8 hours a day) x ;(5 days a week) x (2 weeks per period) = 80 hours per period
9/80 Work Time: Week 1: (9 hrs a day) x (4 days) + (8 hrs a day) x (1 day) = 44 hrs
Week 2: (9 hrs a day) x (4 days)  = 36 hrs
Total = 44 + 36 = 80 hours per period
Therefore, in Week 2 of every two-week period, I get one day off, because I’ve already worked my 80 hours. This day off is usually Friday, hence I get three-day weekends every two weeks. Make sense? Good.

India lost the match yesterday, in another reasonably close game. Fortuantely, it is now available for webcasting. It’s a bit steep at $150 for the remaining one day games and test matches, but at least I can watch highlights at work. The match itself was interesting to me for one reason. But first, another quick primer on how batting lineups work in cricket. Out of 11 players in the team, the first 5-6 are the batsmen. ;Then there’s the wicketkeeper. If the team is lucky (like Australia), then the wicketkeeper is good enough to be counted as a batsman as well. Finally come the bowlers. The bowlers come last because they are the worst batsmen. Consequently, the last 4-5 batsmen are considered the “tail” of the batting lineup.

Now, even though we lost the game, during the Indian innings I saw signs that we may be developing a tail that has some spine. Ever since India started playing cricket, its tail has rarely wagged (yes, it’s a bad pun, but it’s commonly used in cricketing parlance). But yesterday, I saw the number 10 batsman (i.e. a bowler) scoring runs off of Pakistan’s second fastest bowler, Mohammad Sami, who is very fast indeed. These weren’t just lucky runs, scored by blindly swinging. This guy knew what he was doing, and looked surprisingly comfortable holding the bat. It was a good omen for Indian cricket fans. I just hope they’ll pay attention to it over the inevitable breast-beating about having lost to Pakistan.

And if you’re a Yankee with no idea about the rules of cricket, check out this page . It explains the basic rules in terms even Americans can understand.


2 Responses to “19-Mar-2004”

  1. InkeeBug23 Says:

    We have the same interests. ; My goal was to have the queue done by the time I graduate. ; 9 weeks… 48 movies and counting. ; ; At the rate movies arrive and leave, it’s not looking good. ; ;Speaking of… I haven’t added any movies in awhile…

    What’s the best you’ve seen recently?

  2. saleem Says:

    mr. chirag, surprise surprise hahah… ; how have you been doing? ; when i left ithaca, there was snow on the ground. ; since youre probably chillin under obscenely sunny skies, I’ll move on to the next topic.

    What a xanga profile pic, man. what a pic. ; you pimp. ; on to the next topic haha

    public library computers suck. been here since 1:30 (an hour) — and there have been kids here the whole time! ; dont’ they go to SCHOOL?! ; ; jeez… ; anyway im out, take care i hope everythings going well with you

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