I’ve been falling behind on my YJA stuff, so I’m gonna have to get cracking on that. I’ll probably stay late in the office to do it, because once I get home, I have no motivation to work on it at all. I’m just too lazy for my own good. Besides, there’s nothing good on TV anyway, so I’m not missing anything. New episodes of 24 don’t start for another 2 weeks.

India lost the 2nd match today. ;It was another close one. In fact, we were actually in with a chance, needing 16 runs in 12 balls, ;but we lost the last two wickets off consecutive deliveries. This was after Sachin played an awesome innings (according to reports), comparable to the Sachin of old. Sucks.

Also, I started my new workout program this week. It’s an upper/lower split, alternating everyday. That means 5 days of weights a week. ;I also need to keep up my cardio, so I’m gonna try to do it after the lifting everyday. ;It seems I’m well on my way to buffness. Now, if only that nutritionist would reply to my email…

*Update* I was going to stay in the office till 8pm, really I was. Then, at 6, the network went down (they do it from time to time for maintenance). There was no point in staying, so I came home. Now, it’s time to phocus. Phocus with a capital F.
By the way, the nutritionist got back to me. She’s charging $90 for a 50 min appointment. But she’s gotten great reviews from other people, so I figure why not?


One Response to “17-Mar-2004”

  1. sirm Says:

    dude, i think that you have too much money. $90 to meet a nutritionist??? I’ll tell you what to eat, and I’ll do it for $20

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