Having lunch today with the other new engineering hires from my NEROP (New Engineer Rotation Orientation Program) class here at work. 11 of us are going to a nearby Thai restaurant. It’ll be right after my workout, so I’ll make sure to get plenty of soy.

I’m currently in the middle of CSI Season 2 (Netflix rocks!), and I gotta say, I like it. It’s got good stories, good characters (yes, Grissom is my favourite. Who else?), and more than anything, it satisfies my inner nerd. Plus, you learn interesting facts. Did you know that 97% of all $100 bills have traces of cocaine on them? Something to think about.

Oh, and Sirm, if you ;want to be my nutritionist, you’re more than welcome. ;What I’m looking for is a vegetarian meal plan for someone who’s aiming to increase muscle size and lose fat. Basically, I want to get big and look good. ;I work out only on weekdays (weights and cardio each day), right before I have lunch. Try to avoid using supplements as much as possible though, unless absolutely necessary. Think you can work something out? If I like it, I’ll pay you in kind. Maybe I’ll even buy you more Japanese porn.

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