I thought we had a meeting today, so I figured I’d make some food for the Board, since it was going to be around lunchtime. I made lasagna, similar to what I’d prepared during my 6-week program but even more elaborate. Drove out to Neha’s place in Milpitas, but there was no one there. I called Pintu, but he didn’t know what was up either, so I ended up going to his place. Him, Shana and I finished most of the lasagna (which came out pretty well, by the way, especially for a first timer), then I came home to watch Wrestlemania XX (Benoit won!!). Turns out that the meeting had been cancelled, but since the decision was last minute, they weren’t able to let us all know in time. Oh well…

On a side note, Wrestlemania was ok, but there were a few good matches. The main event specifically made me realise once again why I’m a fan. Plenty of athleticism, lots of blood & guts (Michaels’ face was completely covered in his own red), some “Holy Shit!!” moments, and the underdog won. Who can ask for anything more?


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