Sirm requested more details on my workout program, and since he makes up about half of my regular readership, I have decided to acquiesce. I already told him most of this over AIM, but I’ll repeat it in brief.

Diet: I was provided a 6 week meal plan by the company who was offering the program through the gym at work. The folder they gave me was personalised for me based on my pre-assessment measurements and meal preferences. It included weekly shopping lists, and recipes for all the meals. The first 2 weeks, I ate approx 1800 cals a day. The next 2 weeks, I was 1700 cals a day. The last 2 weeks, I was down to 1600 cals. A sample day’s menu is given below:
Morning: Multigrain Cheerios, skim milk, half a muffin w/ low fat margarine, OJ
Mid-morning: Muffin
Lunch: Veggie burger, baby carrots, pickle
Mid-afternoon: Pretzel, non-fat fruit yogurt, apple
Dinner: Spinach lasagna
After-dinner: Low fat ice cream

Dinner was the only meal to really change on a daily basis, and all the dinners were simple and took under 40 min to prepare. Other dinners included Stuffed Pasta Shells, Vegetable Stirfry, and Bean Burrito. I also drank about 130 oz of water a day. That means a lot of bathroom trips.

Exercise: On Mon, Wed and Fri, I worked with Kristina (my very cool trainer ) on strength training. This routine was quite different from most other routines. I did only one exercise for each major body part, consisting of 1 set with 6 reps. The difference was in how I performed the exercise. As an example, when doing pushups, I started with my arms extended. I went down in 2 counts, then pushed up in 10 counts. Down in 2, up in 10. I did 6 reps of that, which is painful. Similarly, in biceps, I curled up in 10 counts, released in 2 counts. The actual exercises I did each day were:
Back: Seated Row
Chest: Pushups (Changed intensity by putting a step under my feet)
Upper legs: Static lunges (I didn’t step forward. I just put one leg forward, then went up and down)
Shoulders: Lateral side raises
Biceps: Dumbbell curl
Calves: Single leg calf raise
Triceps: Lying Single Dumbbell Extension
Abs: Crunches

On Tues and Thurs, I did cardio (God, I hate cardio!) for 30 min, then went to an intense 15 min abs class. Saturday and Sunday, I was lazy.

And that’s about it. I followed my meal plan (for the most part) and did my exercise without fail. And now, I am well on my way to becoming a sexy beast. ;Well, sexi er , at any rate. Starting Monday, Kristina is putting me on a hypertrophy program. Translated into English, hypertrophy = big muscles!! I’ll also need to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, since I’m a vegetarian and I needs mah proteins. That should definitely be fun. I’ll keep y’all updated on that as well.


One Response to “12-Mar-2004”

  1. Diksha Says:

    yay Chirag. Very impressive workout schedule…and pimpin picture with the 2 women 🙂

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