Today is my day off (9/80 rocks!), so I thought I’d sleep in a bit. I’ll still go to work for a few hours, because working on my days off gives me extra vacation time, upto a max of 2 weeks per year. I’ll prolly need as much time as I can get, what with the convention in July, and Bannore getting married in India in November.

For those of you who don’t follow cricket, today marks a watershed event in the history of the sport. India is making its first full tour of Pakistan in over 14 years. Passions are high on both sides, and it looks to be one of the most commercially lucrative events in cricket history. Tonight is the first one-day match, starting at 8pm my time. Now, I can’t watch it on TV, since only satellite carries it. But Kumar and I are trying to get the webcast on http://www.willow.tv. The only problem is, they’re having trouble getting US Webcast rights from the rights holders. At this moment, the webpage has the following message:

“We are frantically working with the respective rights holders in various territories to try to make streaming available in those regions. Some of these discussions will continue through the last minute till the matches start. Rest assured that Willow TV is committed to making this offering available as widely as possible. Please check our site frequently for your region.”



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