It seems that my current “Surf the web and get paid days” are coming to a sudden end, at least for the next month. There’s a project that needs someone to help with Matlab coding, and they asked if I was interested. I figure, it’ll get me doing stuff, and I’ll be in the same building as some of the other new hires. Right now though, I need to read a Matlab book and understand how to do GUI’s. Ugh!

By the way, I had my post-assessment yesterday. While I get the full report next week, here are the main results:

Jan 26, 2004: 23% body fat, 194 lbs
Mar 9, 2004: 18.2% body fat, 184.5 lbs

That’s a drop of 4.8% body fat and ; 9.5 lbs in 6 weeks ! YEAH!! Who’s the Big Bad Booty Daddy now, biznatches?

Gripe of the Day: ;
Cornell set up my email forwarding this week. But they also purged their servers of all my old emails. So even though I have it all safely downloaded onto my computer at home, I no longer have an online copy available. This is after telling me that all my old email will be sent to my new ISP. FUCKERS!! That’s it, no alumni contributions from me.

Currently Reading: Mastering MATLAB 6


2 Responses to “11-Mar-2004”

  1. Diksha Says:

    I love Chirag 🙂

  2. sirm Says:

    thats really impressive dude…whats your eating/working out routine. I need to get on this low body fat thing…

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