This past weekend was fun. Friday night, a few of us YJA’ers went to SF to “get down with it”. Specifically Pintu, his girl, two of his friends, Rinki, Rajul, and ;myself. We started out at this Persian resutarant. We were waiting at the bar and drinking some warm wine. Not bad, actually. I tried a hookah too, but it didn’t do anything for me. While we were waiting, the restaurant belly-dancer started doing her thing. Balanced a sword on her head for the first dance, then gyrated for cash. Good stuff. ;Anyways, the wait was too long so we decided to head out and just grab food later.

We headed to Pintu’s hotel room (he rents a room everytime he’s in Frisco for the weekend. No need for designated drivers. ) and pre-partied, before heading over to Suite 181. A $15 cover brought us into what appeared to be a lounge playing techno with about 30 people sitting around. We were about ;to get really pissed, but fortunately, we soon discovered that the dance floor was downstairs. Headed down for some standard hiphop dancing.

Prolly the most notable event of the evening was my inadvertent attempt at “game”. Since I had become the default designated driver (Rajul and Rinki are lightweights), I stopped “liquoring” and started “watering”. I’m standing at the bar, minding my own business, when this cute blonde girl turns to me and starts talking. I believe it was something like, “Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to talk politics with people and blah blah blah.” The details are unimportant, but ;we chatted for a few minutes (i.e. shouted in each other’s ears), and more importantly, she had a smile on her face. ;Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Rinki, with a big grin, ;pulls me away and starts dancing with me for the first time that night. I think to myself, “Ok, this is good too.” That lasts for all of 20 seconds, before she kinda moves ;back to the rest of the group. I look back at the blonde, but I’ve lost my spot at the bar, and there’s no way for me to get back. The next time I check, she’s gone. Que sera sera, I suppose. ;Afterwards, we all went to a nearby pizza place, where further hijinks ;ensued. Anyway, on the drive back, as well as the next morning, Rinki apologised profusely for “ruining my game”, and that she didn’t mean to, and she felt really bad. Now, here’s the funny part. Until she mentioned it, I never once thought that I was “gaming” with Blondie. I was actually talking to her with no ulterior motives whatsoever. ; sigh … ;I guess that’s one side effect of being the naive little ABFOBCD that I am.

In other news, mom is visiting for a couple of days. She came in on Saturday, and is flying out to India tonight. Bought some furniture from Office Depot yesterday, and am currently working out how to get my desk delivered. This might become a gripe tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Also, I’m in the process of getting my email from Cornell transferred to my new email account. I was all ready to gripe about this, but it seems that the process should go relatively smoothly. Then again, this is Cornell, so this could become a HUGE gripe.

Gripe of the day (inspired by Sirm):
Before I found out that Cornell automatically forwards all old emails on the server to my new email address, I attempted to have all my email redirected by doing it myself. There’s just one problem. I use Outlook, and Outlook does not have redirect. Why? WHY?? Eudora has it, why the fuck doesn’t Outlook? Jee-zus Chee-rist! So I ended up trying to re-download my email, and forward it. ;All I have to say ;is Ugh! ;Of course, Cornell claims to have all email redirected automatically when I switch over, so this isn’t as big an issue. It’s just an(other) annoying design decision by Microsoft.


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